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Project Description

This project provides a set of installable Web parts for integrating FAST ESP search capabilities with SharePoint Server 2007. With these Web parts SharePoint administrtors can quickly build ESP-based search sites in SharePoint Server 2007 by simply dropping in and configuring the appropriate Web parts.

After installing this package you will be able to expose ESP search capabilities within SharePoint Server 2007 sites using the following Web parts:
- Search Box -- Web part that supports creation of a search box for query term submission
- Result List -- Web part that displays search results and supports sorting, pagination, and navigator-based filtering
- Navigators -- Web part for displaying dynamic navigators that profile search results across a set of pre-defined dimensions and allow users to refine the search through navigation clicks
- Breadcrumb -- Web part for displaying the search term(s) and list of navigators used to obtain the current result set
- Search Site Template – Template for linking together the various Web parts to build a complete search site in one step

These Web parts are designed to be open and extensible. We encourage you to download them and experiment. Customize them to fit your branding and user experience requirements. Extend them to fit your search requirements. Or, build new Web parts altogether. And most importantly share your work with the community for the benefit of all.


On April 25th 2008, Microsoft completed the acquisition of FAST Search & Transfer and will now deliver the FAST Enterprise Search Platform (ESP) as its high-end search offering to Microsoft customers worldwide. ESP is the world’s most advanced search platform, delivering secure, relevant answers and insight to accelerate decisions, improve performance, and increase profits. These Web parts represent an early step towards making ESP search capabilities interoperable with SharePoint Server 2007.

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