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Navigator webpart


we're using FAST ESP Web Parts for SharePoint Server 2007 the codeplex project in our site to integrate between FAST and Smart Logic Semaphore Classification. the Navigator webpart return approximate numbers for the counts, and when you click on it instead of refining the search, sometimes, the returning results are more than those that were originally there. knowing that we're using the SWFNavigatorFramework webpart not the regular Navigator webpart, but the xml that comes to the webpart itself has the count approximate. Also, sometimes when you search for something the number of records show, for example, 55 results; however, when you Navigate to Page 3 you find the results are only 30 and page 4 and 5 disappear from the paging. If you tried to click on those pages from page 1 they display nothing and you find the number of the results is changed in the ESP Search Statistics webpart to 30 instead of 55. could you please advise regarding those issues.
Thanks a lot in advance.
Mina Boules
Operating System: Windows Server 2008 R2